OSHA Wants Safety Reports Made Public Online

OSHA announced a new plan today to have companies post their safety reports online for everyone to view rather than transmitting them directly to OSHA. The plan would only apply to companies of 250+ employees as well as certain companies with 20+ employees who are in certain high risk categories and in a more condensed, summary format.

The move, according to OSHA is designed to increase visibility and therefore accountability, especially for repeat offenders who tend to take little to no action to fix problems that cause injuries to employees.

OSHA is also claiming that the move is designed to help with president Obama’s Open Government Initiative (I’m going to resist the temptation to rant here about how that initiative is a joke from a president who’s trying to get insurance companies not to talk about the results of Obamacare).

This would not add any work or change anything about the report, simply the manner in which it is submitted.

What remains to be seen is how the employers of the companies to whom this applies are going to react. It is my guess that most aren’t going to be that happy about having all their information made so public.

What  do you think about this move?

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