Sophie’s Story is all to common (Video)


Watch the above Youtube video clip by Channel 1 Creative Media.

Sophie’s story is, unfortunately, all to common. I have heard similar stories about a farmer’s wife loosing her husband and all three of her sons in a similar accident in a manure pit on the farm. The first person goes down to work on whatever it is that needs doing and passes out, overcome by some gas build up or more likely because the oxygen has been displaced, from oxygen deficiency. The co-worker or family member rushes to assist them and is overcome as well. In some cases it’s more than one.

Understanding what constitutes a confined space and why confined spaces are so dangerous is the key to preventing accidents such as this.

If you or someone you love ever has to work in a confined space, you owe it to yourself or them to read up on the matter. There are a number of great resources on the web but I’ll point you to some of the stuff that I’ve collected and/or written myself. Go to On the right hand side you’ll see a box entitled Available Confined Space Documents, in that box are several articles that you can download and use as you wish to learn about and train others on the hazards of confined space. The third one down “The basics of confined space” is a great place to start and the last one on the list “Confined Space Training Powerpoint” is one that you can use to train.

Sophie’s story might have had a very different ending had her dad’s co-worker been wearing a confined space rescue harness and if they had simply monitored the confined space with a gas monitor.

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