OSHA Releases Top Ten Violations of 2013 List

At the National Safety Council in Chicago this week OSHA released the Top 10 Safety Violations list for 2013.

1. Fall Protection

2. Hazard Communication

3. Scaffolding

4. Respiratory Protection

5. Electrical – Wiring Methods (Up from #8 last year)

6. Powered Industrial Trucks (Up frp, #7 last year)

7. Ladders (down from #5 last year)

8. Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout/Tagout (Up from #9 last year)

9. Electrical – General (Down from #8 last year)

10. Machine Guarding – General Requirement (Down from #6 last year)

Generally, the top ten citations haven’t changed at all in the past few years with the top ten simply switching places from one year to the next.