CDC Seriously Worried about Antibiotic Resistance

CDC just released Threat Report 2013 outlining in a 114 page document (available for download) the very real dangers of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

A few facts from the National Summary Data section:

  • Over 2 million people will get sick from antibiotic resistant bacteria this year.
  • 23,000 of those will die
  • Most deaths related to antibiotic resistance happen in healthcare settings, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

When antibiotics are administered to treat an illness, the antibiotics kill the bacteria causing the illness as well as the good bacteria in your body that fight diseases. The few bacteria that aren’t killed, no longer face any opposition from your good bacteria and “take over”.

Right now, the hazard level is listed as serious but… “If infection rates of MDR and XDR TB increase within the US., this antibiotic-resistant threat will change from serious to urgent, because it is transmissible through respiratory secretions, and because treatment options are very limited”

Download and read the entire document from the CDC website here.

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