CDC offers Homebuilders Safety Booklet

Home Builders are hard for OSHA and local safety agencies to monitor. There are usually no more than 3 or 4 per job site and the job sites are most often in residential areas, removed from the highly visible larger building construction sites. OSHA passed a fall protection rule for residential construction workers earlier this year because they realized that home builders had a larger than average number of fatalities and injuries from falls. Most residential construction workers simply never donned fall protection gear when working on the roof.

A new publication from NIOSH and the CDC seeks to go further in helping residential construction workers protect themselves from injuries, especially soft tissue injuries.

The 32-Page booklet entitled “SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR HOME BUILDING WORKERS – A BASIC GUIDE FOR PREVENTING MANUAL MATERIAL HANDLING INJURIES” and you can download it by clicking on the title above or on the image below.