Safe Storage, Handling, and Management of Ammonium Nitrate by EPA

At the end of last week, August 30th 2013, the EPA put out its final advisory entitled “Chemical Advisory:Safe Storage, Handling, and Management of Ammonium Nitrate“.

Ammonium Nitrate, you’ll remember was the cause of the explosion in Texas that killed 15 people this past April. The advisory refers to this accident as well as to several others in the past to talk about why the advisory is needed and why changes need to be made. According to the 19 page document, here are some of the lessons learned from past accidents and explosions:

AN will self-compress/self-confine under some conditions, becoming much more likely to explode.
AN is at risk for explosion when stored near other material that can add fuel to the AN – such as grain, sugar, seeds, sawdust, and most especially petroleum fuels such as diesel.
AN is a powerful oxidizer and a rich source of nitrate, which provides energy to an explosion. Thus, the presence of fuel and/or heat (and especially both) near AN is a very high hazard situation.

Download and read about the proper storage, handing and management of Ammonium Nitrate at




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