10 Dangerous Chemicals to Ban from your Home

Mother Earth Living (http://www.motherearthliving.com) is a website that I spent a lot of time at. My wife and I are working hard at removing all harmful chemicals from our home and our diet. We eat fresh and local as much as possible (By the way, if you’re interested in fresh produce that’s locally grown, check out your farmer’s market and/or go to Full Circle. My wife and I live pretty far out in a rural setting. If we can find a place to pickup, you can to. I won’t go into everything about why they are great, just check it out for yourself. If you do sign-up, mention Rob Vajko and I’ll get $10.00 off my next order). We also have gone all natural with our cleaning stuff (Enjo microfiber cleaning clothes and Melaleuca will help you get there if you’re interested).

Unfortunately, that isn’t all there is to living chemical free. Many of the “stuff” that makes up our daily life is also harmful. Most carpets and curtains have been sprayed with chemicals to make them flame retardant and these chemicals have been proven to be carcinogens (you best bet is to tear out all your carpets and put in hardwood floors).

Okay, sorry, this is a topic I’m passionate about so I tend to get carried away. All of the above was intended to point you to an article by Mother Earth Living entitled “10 Dangerous Chemicals to Ban from your Home” so check it out at www.motherearthliving.com/health-and-wellness/10-dangerous-chemicals-to-ban-from-your-home.aspx and start reducing your chemical exposure.

Are you trying to remove chemicals from your environment? Share your ideas and projects with us. We’d love to hear how you’re doing it!

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