Separate Hand Towels for Kitchen Food Safety

Your kitchen is a breeding ground for germs. Nothing new there, we all know that with raw meat, E. coli and other food borne germs the kitchen is the one area we need to consistently be on guard against microorganisms that can cause serious illnesses.

Hand washing is, of course, the primary way to fight off germs and keep them from getting ingested. Hot water, soap and properly wiping the hands after washing… but wait! What towel are you using to wipe your hands on after you’ve finished washing them?

Most of us don’t have a separate towel just for hand washing and that’s a big mistake. If you’re using the same towel to wipe down counters, pick the lids off the pots, wipe the dishes and wash your hands, you’re just recontaminating your hands after you’ve cleaned them.

A very simple solution to keep that from happening is to designate a specific type of towel as the “hand towel” that gets used for nothing else except for wiping hands after washing. Make sure that everyone in the family knows which towel is the hand towel. Make up a catchy phrase that children (and your husband who, let’s be honest, is just one of the children in many regards :-), won’t forget it. If you purchase green towels to be the hand towels, for example, remind everyone that “Green towels to wipe your hands so you don’t turn green with a stomach virus!” or something like that.

Any towel that isn’t one of the hand towels gets used for all the other chores; the hand towel gets used only for wiping hands after they been washed with soap and water (make sure that everyone knows no to use the hand towel to wipe dirty hands on as it would just defeat the purpose.

With all the food safety issues that seem to crop up almost daily in the news, this is a great time to implement this simple system to protect your family.

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