OSHA’s first E-publication is on Ladder Safety

Realizing that “Americans are increasingly using mobile devices as their primary means of finding information, with increased use of smartphones, tablets and e-readers across all demographics” OSHA has published its first e-publication designed to be easily viewable and readable across most platforms.

That e-publication is a ladder safety manual that reformats and allows for scalable fonts regardless of the size of your screen and//or operating system.


Let’s face it, carpenters, drywallers and painters don’t show up on the jobsite with a laptop, they show up with an Ipad or a smartphone. If we want them to download and read safety manuals, we need to adapt them these manuals to the technology that they carry around with them.

Now, at the start of the shift, the supervisor can send the e-publication to each of his employees cell phone with instructions for them to read it before they start the day’s work.

Well done OSHA!