Pat Benatar’s Smart Safety Move

Back on June 21st, Pat Benatar was due to perform a charity benefit concert for WalkerFest charity benefit for Habitat for Humanity, Wounded Warriors and United Way. The concert never took place.


Well according to the promoter, he tried to make it sound as if Pat was just trying to go back on her word.

Not so…

Pat Benatar and her husband along with the band members took one look at the stage and felt it wasn’t safe. Have a look at this photos and see if you agree:


Wooden 2 x 2s with clamps? Really? That’ll hold all that equipment… have you ever tried to lift one of those amps? There’s going to be a lot of weight on that stage and Pat Benatar doesn’t exactly sit on a stool and sing, she kinda gets rowdy!

Here’s another photo:


There’s a reason those vertical posts have holes in them… that’s where the cross braces are supposed to connect to make sure the whole stage doesn’t collapse. By the looks of things the legs are already going in different directions.

Pat Benatar is holding the monies in a separate account and trying to reschedule the concert.

You can read the complete story on the celebrity examiner’s website here.