Proper Lifting Techniques Poster by Ergodyne

If you’ve got back injuries at work you know how much they are costing you. A simple pulled muscle can incompacitate a worker for several weeks leading to high costs in lost productivity, not to mention the medical bills involved.

Back supports may help somewhat but ultimately proper training, including reminding employees concerning the proper way to lift, is the most effective way to combat the problem.

Fortunately Ergodyne, one of the leaders in ergonomic PPE including the top back supports in the market is here to give a helping hand.

Check out the Ergodyne Back Support / How to Lift Poster for starters.


You can print it out, or if you want a larger copy, simply fill out the form below¬†and I’ll send one out to you free of charge.

Additionally go have a look at Ergodyne’s impressive video library for short video clips on proper lifting techniques.

While you’re there, have a look around at the other videos available; you might find something else that you can use for training.

Offer Expires 12/31/2014