Shooting Earplugs for under $13.00? Yep!

Up till now if you wanted to protect your hearing and still be able to communicate at the shooting range, your only option used to be electronic earmuffs like the Tactical Pro which are well over $200.00 each. With the advent of the Moldex BattlePlug, that’s no longer the case.

For under $13.00 (no, it’s not a typo!), you can now get the Battleplug earplug.


BattlePlugs Impulse Earplugs

Moldex® BattlePlugs are an authorized hearing protector for use by soldiers and Department of the Army civilians.

Patented BattlePlugs use a unique filter built into the plug body to instantaneously reduce dangerous, sudden impulse noises (e.g. weapons fire) plus allow for easy communication and improved awareness in the cap open position – NRR 9dB.


  • Now an authorized hearing protector for use by soldiers and Department of the Army civilians.
  • Dual Mode Protection:
    – Open cap to hear commands and for loud
    blasts: NRR 9dB.
    – Closed cap for continuous/steady noise and impulse noise protection: NRR 24dB.
  • The louder the blast, the more noise reduction (in open position).
  • Cap is easy to open and close, in-ear.
  • Easy to see when cap is in open or closed mode.
  • Easy to clean.

wash and wear again

BattlePlugs can be washed and reused. Each pair comes with a Pocket-Pak® carrying case to keep them clean when not in use. The smooth shape slides easily into your pocket. No sharp edges.

complete system

Each bag contains a pair of BattlePlugs and a cord, Pocket-Pak carrying case, chain, and instructions.

Available in three sizes: small, medium and large.
NOTE – 80% of users will fit a medium, if you need a small or a large purchase the small or large replacement pods and switch them out.

Click here to purchase the BattlePlug earplugs

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