Thermo-man Videos

Yesterday, June 26th, we burned up a lot of clothing in an effort to show what various materials do when exposed to fire. We exposed untreated cotton, treated cotton, Nomex, Nomex with an FR undercoat, a Tychem chemical protection suit and a Dupont ThermalPro chemical suit to 1,700 degrees of flames for 4 seconds. The results were pretty impressive.

Rather than tell you all about it, however, I’m going to let you view the results for yourself.

Here is the list along with the link to the Youtube video that we uploaded last night after all the burning was done:

· Untreated cotton shirt and jeans

· Treated cotton

· Nomex

· Nomex with Under Armour

· Tychem Chemical Suit

· Tychem ThermoPro Protective Suit

Now the question you’ve got to ask yourself is “If I was going to send my 18-year old daughter/son off to work in a refinery what garment would I want them to be wearing?”