THERMO-MAN Demo today at our Kent Location


If you are in the Seattle area today…

Join us for a DuPont™ THERMO-MAN® demonstration.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see a demonstration of DuPont™ Thermo‐Man®, one of the world’s most advanced thermal burn injury evaluation systems. Thermo‐Man® consists of a life‐size manikin and 122 thermal sensors used to predict level, extent, and location of potential burns of whole garments in simulated flame exposures. We will be showing burn injury comparisons between a variety of protective apparel, and flameresistant
protective clothing made of DuPont™ Nomex® with 40 years of proven performance and protection.
Bring your own garments to burn if you want to see how they perform!

Date and Times
■ Date: June 26, 2013
Showtimes: 10:00- 11:30AM & 12:30 – 2:00PM

■ National Safety Inc.
6910 196th St
Kent WA


Sponsored by
■ National Safety, Inc.
Big Bill

Free Kindle Fire Giveaway at each of the sessions.
(Bring a business card to enter the drawing)

Top Ways we injure our genitals

A new article published last year in the Journal of Urology has identified the most common ways we injure our… uh… private parts! Apparently men are injured more often than women (69% vs. 31%) and most injuries resulted, not surprisingly, from sports (wear a cup man!). 37.5% of injuries occurred to 18 to 28 year olds (again, no surprise there!).

Curious what the top most common injuries were?

  1. Bicycles
  2. Razors, clippers, trimmers and scissors
  3. Zippers
  4. Falls in the bathroom (most of these were people 65 or older)
  5. Basketball
  6. Baseball & Softball
  7. Skiing & Snowboarding

A further note of interest, injuries from source # 2 have increased by 500% from 2002 t0 2010 (some trends are more dangerous than others I guess!).


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