Request Sample of AirWave Respirator

There’s a new filtering facepiece by Moldex that is getting rave reviews. We’re so confident that you’re going to love it that we’re giving away a free sample for you to try if you’re actively involved with the purchase, distribution, sales and/or use of personal protective equipment. Simply fill in the form below to request your sample of the Airwave Facepiece.
(Within the US and Canada only)


Breathes easier by design

More surface, more airflow

Comfort inside and out


  • Exclusive easy-breathing wave design
  • Less resistance, better breathability*
  • Ideal where unvalved respirators are preferred
  • Less cost than valved respirators
  • Longer wear means less cost
  • Softspun® lining for increased comfort and durability.
  • Soft foam nose cushion and contour shaped for comfort
  • Pinch free nose bridge
  • Meets heat and flame resistance in accordance with ANSI/ISEA 110-2003 Section 7.11.1.

*Testing conducted at 85 liters per minute in accordance with NIOSH 42 Part 84.180 initial resistance requirements. Resistance will vary with actual use conditions.