Best Award

Over the years we’ve won various awards recognizing different achievements but there is no better award than the recognition that we receive from our customers. This was brought to us by one of our customers today. He told us that we were a pleasure to do business with and  that we’ve always been there to help him out when he needed us. He handed us this:


Thanks Mr. Lewis, it’s customers like you who make it all worthwhile!


Photo of 1936 Supplied Air Respirator


Oct. 15, 1936. Washington, D.C. “Protection against that dreaded disease Silicosis is assured underground workers with this new sand-blasting helmet developed by William P. Biggs, Safety Engineer of the Navy Department. Weighing only 43 ounces, the helmet has been tested for nearly a year in various naval stations throughout the country.” Harris & Ewing glass negative.

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