Napo’s Films – Free, Funny Safety Training videos

Have you met Napo yet? Napo is a computer animation who walks around doing stupid stuff and ends up getting himself in all kinds of trouble. He blows himself up, slips and falls and pretty much has every accident imaginable in order to help you train your workers concerning workplace safety.

Part of the reason that Napo is a great training resource is that Napo doesn’t actually speak any known language (he mumbles intelligible stuff throughout the clips) relying instead on actions and signs to communicate. This makes Napo great for training in workplaces where you have a number of non-english speaking workers.

Check out Napo’s Safety films.


The movies are available as a free download in Avi, Mp4, Ogv, WebM, or Wmv formats and there are a lot of them. Most are only a couple of minutes long but they do the job in communicating the hazard.


3 thoughts on “Napo’s Films – Free, Funny Safety Training videos

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