Texting while driving is now the leading cause of teenage deaths

According to a new study, texting while driving has now become the most likely way that a teenager is going to die, passing up drinking and driving for the first time ever.

Reported on the Newsday website, the research done by Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park estimates that texting while driving now accounts for 3,000 deaths annually along with 300,00 injuries. Almost half of all boys admitted to texting while driving and, among teenage girls the percentage was only slightly lower, coming in around 45%.

The study further concluded that the more experience that teenagers get behind the wheel the more they tend to think that they are able to text and drive without danger.

While drinking and driving has slowly decreased over the past few years, texting while driving has gone up. What’s frightening is that texting while driving impairs a driver as much as drinking and driving. Laws designed to keep people from texting and driving clearly have no effect, the further also found, because stats between states with laws and states without laws showed no noticeable difference.

No of the reasons attributed to this increase has to do with the fact that most of the time when a teenager gets behind the wheel, he or she hasn’t been drinking; unfortunately most teens ALWAYS have their mobile device with them and the temptation to “just have a quick look” is just too great.

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