Vehicle Rollover Prevention App

The app is called VRPETERS. VRPETERS stands for Vehicle Rollover Prevention Education Training Emergency Reporting System and is designed to work on the iPhone or iPad mini to do a couple of different things.


First of all it uses a mathematical model to assess the stability of a motorized vehicle using “the physical parameters of the vehicle and the data from the inbuilt sensors of a mobile electronic device (smartphone, tablet computer) or from the wireless sensors installed on the vehicle.” When it senses that the vehicle is at risk of a rollover, it displays a warning message to the driver.

Secondly, if a rollover is detected it sends out a emergency notification to contacts you’ve set up when you install the app, letting them know that you were in an accident.

This app is going to be especially useful to farmers and tractor operators who work alone.

Among the VRPETERS advantages listed on their website:

VRPETERS can save lives by:

  • changing the human behavior as a training tool.
  • providing warning messages to the operator to prevent an accident.
  • reducing the deployment time of rescue teams.
  • providing the GPS coordinates, the date and time of an accident.
  • providing vital operator information (optional).

Learn more and/or download the app on the VRPETERS website.