The SEAL : Wearable Swim Monitoring and Drowning Detection System

Let me say upfront that I have no vested interest in posting this. I am not affiliated with this company and didn’t even know about them until a few minutes ago when I got an email from Lena, part of the team dedicated to getting this product to market to save lives. Having said that, let me get right to it.

Graham Snyder, an emergency physician, tired of having to tell parents that their child had drowned; angered by these deaths and injuries that could have been avoided, has come up with a drowning detection system that he is trying to take to market. Rather than try to tell you about it myself I’ll let him and his team do it.

Check out the SEAL: Wearable Swim Monitoring and Drowning Detection System fundraising website. While you’re there, make a donation and let’s help bring this to market.