Nine Values that characterize a healthy Safety Culture

Earlier this week, James Watson, the director of the BSEE (Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement), in an address to the Center for Offshore Safety, outlined what he called the “nine values that are characteristic of a robust safety culture”.

They are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Problem identification and resolution
  3. Personal accountability
  4. Work processes
  5. Continuous learning
  6. An environment for raising concerns
  7. Effective communication
  8. Trust and respect
  9. An inquiring attitude

You can download a pdf of the complete transcript of the address on the BSEE website.

I like this list and believe that most companies would agree with it. The issue, of course, resides in the “how”. How do we go about making these values a reality in our place of business. Too often pride, insecurity, jealousy, incompetence and power games keep this from happening.

What are your ideas about how to make these values a reality in the workplace?