7 workers dead in confined space accident

According to The Epoch Times 7 workers died in a confined space in a Mexican Brewery owned by Corona yesterday.

It is unclear at this time what exactly happened but priliminary findings are saying that they seem to have died of exposure to toxic fumes while in a tank that they were cleaning.


It is not know whether proper ventilation procedures were in place or whether there had been some kind of failures to follow these procedures.

Confined Space procedures should have required the tank to be fully vented before employees entered it. It would furthermore have required employees to monitor the air quality, both before they entered the tank as well as continoussly while working in it.

At this time it’s still unclear whether they were overcome by fumes from the chemical that they were using to clean the tank or if an oxygen defficiency due to 7 people working together in one tank was the problem. Either way, it seems obvious that there weren’t any gas monitors in the confined space or, if they were, they were not working properly.

What’s sad is that these accidents are fully preventable. These 7 people died because they either weren’t trained properly or they chose to disregard that training.

One thought on “7 workers dead in confined space accident

  1. So many confined space accidents are caused by improper training or disregard. Fully preventable yet requires organizational safety buy-in amongst management and workers.

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