Anhydrous tank leak

Here’s a video that you need to watch.


It was taken by Joel Hershberger and he comments:

An anhydrous ammonia tank hose broke and sprayed all over a field in Faribault, MN. If I knew then what I know now, this video would never have been taken. I could have died.

Another reader commented:

“Holy!! you were pretty lucky the wind was carrying it away from you! I’m a refrigeration technician and work with this every day, I would have hightailed out of there as fast as I could, and I carry two gas-masks in my car.

Did any of the gas carry your way? was it your tank? was there any persons working near it when the hose broke?

Sorry if it’s to many questions, but this is pretty wild”

All this to say, when you are dealing with a leaky tank, hose or anything involving chemicals, don’t assume you know it’s safe. Get away, get out and call the hazmat team. Had the wind shifted, Joel’s video would have been upload posthumously.

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