Properly Training Young Summer Help Workers

Within the next couple of months, school will be out for the summer vacation and thousands of young people are going to go job hunting.
Most of these young people have never been exposed to the hazards and dangers of the workplace environment.
You’ve been working in the lumberyard or the warehouse for so long that certain types of behavior are second nature to you; you even forget that you are doing what you are doing for a reason. Not so for the new guy who’s never been in the workplace before.
Simple things like watching for forklifts is something that you do without even thinking about it but the young people who just got hired hasn’t been working around forklifts before and needs to learn to listen and watch for them even as they listen and watch for him or her.

So where do you start? If this type of behavior is now second nature, you probably don’t even know what it is that your new hire needs to know.

Fortunately, OSHA’s young worker’s construction safety topics page is there for you. With thirteen short videos, you can sit your new hires down to view them and know that they’ve been at least been given the basics of safety that’ll hopefully protect them as they do their job.

The following videos are available:

Construction Safety Topics

General Protection

Hearing Protection

Protective Shoes

Head Protection

Eye Protection

Landscaping Safety Topics

Eye Protection

Ear Protection

Foot Protection

Hand Protection

Leg Protection



Sun and Hydration

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