Is Barminco overeacting?

Fifteen mine workers who worked for Barminco in the Agnew gold mine in Australia lost their jobs earlier this week when management viewed them on Youtube doing the Harlem Shuffle, a “dance” that has gone viral over the internet in the past couple of months (just type in Harlem Shuffle to view hundreds of different companies, schools and individuals doing this “dance”).

The workers were also banned for life from any Barminco projects anywhere.

Some of the fired workers have been working for Barminco for over eight years.

The fifteen workers were, needless to say, shocked and devastated, claiming that they did nothing to endanger anyone because they kept their hard hats on, as well as the glasses and lamps required. They did admit, however that they broke the rules when they removed their long sleeves shirts.

You can read the full article on the Australian Mining website. To view the miners doing the infamous harlem shuffle video, go to youtube here.

Reaction to the firing has been mixed with some stating that there can be no room for goofy antics like these in a dangerous place like an underground mine, while others are telling Barminco to chill and get a life.

What do you think?

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