Smoking Can Rot your Brain

A new study published in the Age and Ageing journal has found that, as if lung cancer and rotting teeth weren’t enough to get you to quit smoking, smoking “rots” your brain. The study measured cognitive function in some 8,800 people over the age of 50 and concluded that they was a measurable decline in cognitive ability in smokers.

We’ve known for years, of course, that smoking was bad for your body but the study now gives weight to the theory that it’s bad for your brain as well.

The obvious hypotheses for why this might be has to do with how smoking affects the cardiovascular system, restricting blood vessels and impairing circulation to the brain.

The study is not a medical study and further testing and exploration will have to be done. It would be interesting, for example, to find out how many of the patients with Alzheimers were smokers before they started to suffer the effects of this debilitating disease.

For those of you who are into numbers, the study will give you all the numbers you can chew on but the bottom line for the rest of us is that if you needed another excuse to quit smoking this year, this might be it.

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