Drivers who use their cell phone while driving are unsafe in other areas as well

If you use your cell phone while driving, there’s no question that you are more dangerous on the road than a driver who doesn’t. Turns out that your disregard for your own safety and the safety of others on the road is just part of a pattern.

A new study conducted by AAA found that people who use their cell phone while driving are more likely to engage in other dangerous behavior behind the wheel. For example 65% of them admitted to speeding (as opposed to 31% of those who don’t use a cell phone while driving), 44% of them admitted to driving while drowsy (as opposed to 14%) and 29% drove without a seatbelt (as opposed to 16%). And, of course, 53% reported texting while driving (as opposed to 3%).

You can read more of the study om AAA’s 2012 Traffic Safety Culture Index.