Eye Safety isn’t just about Safety Glasses

There is no doubt that safety glasses protect your eyes from eye injuries. Whether you are using a weed wacker or chopping wood at home or using power tools at work, you should always be wearing safety glasses.

Eye safety, however, doesn’t stop there. You eyes need more than just protection against flying debris. Here are a couple of other things that you need to do to protect your eyes.

1. Proper diet – Foods high in vitamin C, vitamin E, Beta-carotene, zinc as well as high in omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA all help promote eye health. Additionally, if you are diabetic, you need to keep to a low-GI (low-glycemic) diet.

2. Smoking – Smoking has, of course, been linked to a number of health problems. Among them is age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Smokers also have a higher risk of cataracts.

3. Family History – Certain eye related problems are genetic in nature. Knowing and understanding your family medical history can help you make educated choices about your eye health.

4. Yearly Exams – Nothing is more important for your eyes than catching any potential problem before they become serious. Additionally, weak or inaccurate prescriptions can cause eye strain. Make sure you schedule an annual eye exam to properly monitor your eye health.

5. Throw your contacts out – You may be tempted to keep wearing those contacts past the point when you are supposed to put a new pair in but don’t. Whether you can see it or not, your contacts may be building up a film on them that can cause the lens not to breathe as well. It may also collect microscopic particles that can, over time, damage your eye. Replace the lenses when you are supposed to.

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