Death of Exotic Dancer Raises Interesting Issues for OSHA

In what can only be called an unusual case for OSHA, they find themselves investigating the fatality of an exotic dancer in Cleveland.

Lauren Block was an exotic dancer at Christie’s Cabaret in Cleveland. While giving a lap dance to one of the customers she grabbed the railing behind the man and tried to make some kind of dance move that resulted in her loosing her balance and plunging 15 feet, head first to the floor below. She was rushed to the hospital with major head trauma and died a week later.

Part of the OSHA investigation has to do with whether or not exotic dancers like Lauren are employees or independent contractors. If they are found to be the latter, OSHA would have no jurisdiction as independent contractors aren’t covered by OSHA.

You can read the complete story about Lauren Block’s death on the Huffington Post online news.