Don’t Burn Wrapping Paper

The packages have all been unwrapped and it’s time to clean up. You’ve already got a fire burning in the fireplace so why not just throw the wrapping paper in and burn it up?

Health officials are trying to get the message out that burning wrapping paper isn’t a good idea. Many wrapping papers have toxins, carcinogens and heavy metals in them that can become airborne when the paper is burned. You and others in your home then breathe them in and they can have long-term adverse health effects.

If you can, recycle it. Wrapping paper and trash bags account for almost 4 million tons of trash every year. If others start to poke fun at you for trying to safe old wrapping paper, let them know it’s about recycling and that you’re trying to do your part for the environment.

If you can’t salvage it and have a recycle bin with you waste disposal company, check to make sure they accept wrapping paper. Many places don’t because of the amount of dyes, laminates and non-paper content in wrapping paper, including gold and silver coloring and glitter.

To help the environment try making your own wrapping paper using craft paper and a stencil. It’s not only fun and economical but you’ll be helping save the planet as well.