Fall Protection Tips from Santa

From Petzl, a fall protection manufacturer for sports climbing, we have this special video and fall protection tips.

Apparently a shopping mall “Santa Claus” was practising his rapelling techniques when his beard got caught in the descender. So… with all the kids in the mall watching on, he has to take off his false beard and try to unjam the thing. Video ends without any indication of when or how he eventually got down. I hope they had a good rescue program in place to help get Santa back on the ground!

Check out the video and then scroll down and view the Holiday Tech Tips for Santa which includes information about when not to eat the cookies or drink the milk left out for him (We wouldn’t want Santa to end up with food poisoning on Christmas eve!).

You can even download Santa’s Tech Notice to post on the company bulletion board for all the Santa Dad’s to view so they don’t hurt themselves when they try to help out Santa!