Safety Fails and Signs 2012

Got these from a Safety Friend Ken Oswald

Respiratory Protection Glossary by Convergence Training

So far, Convergence Training has brought us the following glossaries which we have posted here on this blog:

Ladders Glossary
Lockout/Tagout Glossary
Electrical Glossary

Here’s their latest offering, the Respiratory Protection Glossary

Again, you can bookmark it to view it online or download it so that you got it with you whether or not you have an internet connection.
Thanks Jeffrey Dalto!

Don’t Burn Wrapping Paper

The packages have all been unwrapped and it’s time to clean up. You’ve already got a fire burning in the fireplace so why not just throw the wrapping paper in and burn it up?

Health officials are trying to get the message out that burning wrapping paper isn’t a good idea. Many wrapping papers have toxins, carcinogens and heavy metals in them that can become airborne when the paper is burned. You and others in your home then breathe them in and they can have long-term adverse health effects.

If you can, recycle it. Wrapping paper and trash bags account for almost 4 million tons of trash every year. If others start to poke fun at you for trying to safe old wrapping paper, let them know it’s about recycling and that you’re trying to do your part for the environment.

If you can’t salvage it and have a recycle bin with you waste disposal company, check to make sure they accept wrapping paper. Many places don’t because of the amount of dyes, laminates and non-paper content in wrapping paper, including gold and silver coloring and glitter.

To help the environment try making your own wrapping paper using craft paper and a stencil. It’s not only fun and economical but you’ll be helping save the planet as well.

Keeping your home safe while away for the holidays

Are you going out of town for the holidays? Who’s watching the house and your belongings while you’re gone?
The movie “Home Alone” may not just be a cute comedy. Fact is that burglars know that this time of year many people are away and case places to hit, knowing they’ll have free reign while you’re gone.

The National Crime Prevention Council has a nice Home Security Checklist for you to make sure that you, your loved ones and your belongings stay safe and protected during this holiday season.

First and foremost, and one that isn’t on the list, is “Mum’s the word!”. Don’t broadcast the fact that you’ll be out of town and the house will be empty. Don’t post facebook updates letting people know you aren’t home (you may think that only the people you trust are seeing your status but most people have a ton of people they call “Friends” some of whom might not think twice about breaking into your home). Make sure your kids know not to blab about plans as well. Then, while you are away, make sure that the place looks as if someone is still there. Make sure mail is picked up, snow is shovelled, trash isn’t put out a week before it’s supposed to be, etc… The key is to make the home looks as it would if you were still there.

Have fun while away but make sure you also have peace of mind and have a great holiday!

A Chance to Win an Arsenal Buddy System by Ergodyne

Is the bottom of your tool bag starting to look like a sharp and twisted snake pit? Then it is time to SHOW US YOUR MESS!

Share a photo of your tool mess with us by December 22, 2012 for a chance at winning the brand new ArsenalĀ® Buddy System! The top three messes will be chosen by our crackerjack staff and will receive this productivity-enhancing new system. In order to win the GRAND prize, the three winners must promptly clean up their mess using the new ArsenalĀ® Buddy System, snap a pic, and submit it to us by January 11, 2013 Our crew will then post it on Facebook and the pic with the most votes (“likes”) by January 21, 2013 wins an ArsenalĀ® 5125 Carry-On Luggage!

Got it? Ready. Go.

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