Halloweeen Safety Tips

Most of us love Halloween, especially the little ones, with all the candy that they get while trick or treating. In order to make sure that it remains a good memory long into their adult life, follow a few safety tips to ensure that Halloween remains safe.

  • As much as your little boy wants to be the dark knight this Halloween, you need to make sure that unlike Batman who is dressed the way he is in order to blend into the night, make sure that your little batman is highly visible. Use bright clothing, reflective stripes, safety vests and flashlights to make sure that cars see them.
  • Consider adding reflective stripes to their trick or treat bags as well to add more visibility.
  • Make sure that your child’s peripheral vision isn’t hindered by the mask or costume he or she is wearing. It’s important that he or she be seen but it’s equally important they he or she be able to see.
  • Use LED lights or light sticks instead of candles. You don’t want to be responsible for igniting one of the children who shows up at your door because their loose clothing is blown into the candle flame.
  • Respectively, make sure that you child’s costume is flame retardant in order to protect them from the flames of all those neighbors who have failed to use LED lights and light-sticks for their homes.
  • Make sure that the costume that your child is wearing doesn’t trip him or her up. Adjust the length so that they won’t step on it and fall in the middle of crossing the street.
  • Give each child a flashlight to carry. It will enable them to see where they are going and make them more visible to traffic.
  • Finally, make sure that children a accompanied as they trick or treat. Let them know that if they are too old to be chaperoned, they are probably too old to trick or treat (there nothing worse than opening the door to a teenagers trying to act like he’s young enough to trick or treat).

Have a fun and safe Halloween!



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