This is Labor Rights Week

This week, August 27 – 31 is Labor Rights Week across the USA. Hilda L. Solis the United States Secretary of Labor in a 2:19 minute video post on the U.S. Department of Labor website on Monday speaks about the need to “make workplaces fair and safe” for everyone, with a special emphasis on immigrants and foreign workers.

She speaks about partnering with the 153 foreign consultates in the US to make sure “workers are safe on the job and paid what they are owed by law. This means you may not be paid less than the federal minimal age, it means that overtime must be paid for each hour above 40 hours a week, and it means that employers must provide a safe workplace for everyone.

In speaking directly to workers she states: “You have a right to get paid every penny that you earn. You have a right to healthy and clean working conditions… If you think your job is unsafe or you feel you haven’t been paid the wages you’ve earned, you have a legal right to file a complaint.”

On a personal note while I applaud secretary of labor’s address, one can’t help but wonder how effective it will be when the only language it is presented in is English. I can’t imagine it would have been that hard to put a Spanish subtitle.

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