Summertime Safety from A to Z


Clear skies, softball games, cool water and a family vacation, all images of summer at its best. Summer also presents many safety hazards, making it a good time review.

A ABCs of safety, Always Be Careful with Safety Awareness, safety is in everything we do,24 hours a day, building good safety habits and awareness will help save lives, prevent injuries and yet can be fun!

B Bees buzzing, wasp, hornets and yellow jackets all around. The best way to help keep bees away, wear light-colored clothing, wear no perfume or scented soaps and cover food while outdoors.

C Camping, Enjoy the outdoors and all it offers, but give someone your itinerary. Think carefully about your skill level, supplies and equipment needed for you adventure. Prepare early it will save you in the long haul.

D Dehydration, Make sure you drink plenty of water, recommended 8 oz every 20 min during rigorous activity. Drink before you start to feel thirsty, by then your body has already started to dehydrate.

E Epinephrine, if you have serious allergies to insect stings or food allergies, insure you carry medication with you.

F Food illness, Bacteria grows best in warm and hot temperatures. Everyone loves a picnic; remember to bring your cooler with plenty of ice. Dont let the food sit in the sun for long periods of time.

G Grilling, Barbecue meat to an appropriate minimal temperature to kill bacteria, (steak 145, hamburger 160 and pork/poultry 165 degrees)

H Heat Illness, Prevention, dress in loose, light fitting clothes avoid strenuous activity during the heat of the day and remember to drink plenty of water. Heat Cramps are painful and Heat Stroke can be deadly!

I Itchy skin, Sun burns and chlorine will dry out your skin. Use plenty of lotion and sunscreen to prevent skin damage. Watch out for the poison oak and poison ivy while hiking too!

J Just minutes, it only takes a few minutes to heat the inside of your car in 90+ temperatures to reach lethal temperatures. Please, please do not leave your child or pet inside a vehicle alone for any reason!

K Keep your distance, lightning is dangerous during thunderstorms if you see it and hear thunder less than 30 seconds later. Seek shelter immediately. Get out of the swimming pools or water if storms are forming.

L Life Jackets, Smart attire for all boaters, New Mexico and Texas law requires all children under the age of 12 to wear a life jacket while aboard a vessel on the water.

M Mosquitoes, Pest they are, buzzing and biting. Use insect repellent containing DEET, or oil of eucalyptus. Remember they do carry nasty disease; we dont want anyone getting West Nile Disease.

N Noggin, yes that is slang for you head. Protect it, wear a helmet if you are riding your bike, skateboarding, in line skates or even riding your ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) or water skiing. Your brain will thank you!

O Open water swimming, it is not a good idea to swim alone, avoid canals and fast moving water.

P Poison Ivy/Oak, Itchy doesnt cover it. It is best to recognize it and avoid. Remember this rule: Leaflets of three beware of me

Q Quiz the kids, ask them who they are going to play with, what they plan on doing and wear they are going. Suggest less risky behaviors and is their play ground safe?

R Recreational water illness, dont swallow swimming pool water. Be aware of your kids at the pool. Drowning doesnt look like it does on TV; they go under and rarely are waving their arms for help.

S Sunscreen, use SPF of 30 or greater, apply liberally and reapplication every 1-2 hours, more often if involved in water activities.

T Ticks check everyone after you have been hiking in wooded areas or tall grassy areas. We dont want Lime Disease

U UV rays damage your skin, long term effects include skin cancer. Try and cover you head, skin and eyes. Wear only UV A and B approved sun glasses. It reduces potential for cataracts 20-30 years down the road.

V Vehicle Safety, heading down the highway, looking for adventure! We may all think we are born to be wild but lets make that adventure a safe and enjoyable one. Please wear your seat belts, it is the law.

W Window guards, Warm weather means open windows and kids always find the knack to locate the open window. Protect them from falls and injury install window guards on upper level windows.

X Be Extra vigilant, kids are out playing in yards, streets and your neighborhood. Watch out for the kiddos, they are distracted having fun not watching for cars!

Y Yard work; Wear your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) you never know when a rock may fly up at your eye. It is always better to be safe than Blind

Z ZZZZs get enough before you travel. Drowsy drivers are just as dangerous as drunk drivers. Drowsy can be Deadly. Besides you will be able to enjoy your summertime adventures more if you are safe and sound!

Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Ken Oswald

Safety and Security Manager for ENMR·Plateau

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