Olympic Facilities Construction = Zero Fatalities

With all the hoopla and fanfare of the Olympics, with all the gold medals, all the acolades, one thing that will most likely go unnoticed and unmentioned is the fact that London, with all the construction work that they did to upgrade and build new facilities for the 2012 Olympics, had not a single fatality. That’s an accomplishment that’s worthy of a gold medal in and of itself if we could figure out who to give it to.

Instrumental in this incredible accomplishment, the Bristish Health and Safety board found, was an unprecedented level of communication with management willing to listen to worker’s complaints and concerns. And it wasn’t just listening; management actively went out to job-sites to be present to talk to workers, checkout concerns and see for themselves where there might be a problem.

If there’s one lesson to be learned from this accomplishment it’s that safety isn’t about money it’s about communication, real communication!

For a complete document about the how and why of this zero-fatality accomplishment, download a report by the London 2012 Olympic committee.