Free Grounding and Bonding Application Handbook

Static electricity can sometimes be annoying like when you go to shake someone’s hand and you give them a tiny jolt of electricity or when you go to touch something metallic and get a tiny shock. Other times, however, static electricity can be a lot more than just annoying, it can be downright dangerous and even fatal as in instances where there are explosive gases present; it can also ruin equipment like circuit boards and other electronic components by causing shorts.

In cases where static electricity is more than a simple annoyance, it needs to be controlled or eliminated. Fortunately for you, if you are in such a situation, Newson-Gale is here to help with a free handbook that can help you control static in hazardous areas.

The 32 page booklet entitled “Grounding and Bonding Applications” is available as a free download on the Newson-Gale website.

“All of the static grounding and bonding solutions illustrated are supported by relevant extracts from NFPA 77 and Cenelec CLC/TR 50504, the internationally recognized standards for static control in hazardous locations.

Additional helpful information on hazardous area classification, the range of gases and dusts that can be ignited by electrostatic charges and static safety checklists are available for reference within the Handbook.”