4th of July Firework Safety Tips

Tomorrow is our nations’ independance day and we’ll celebrate, among other things by blowing things up 🙂

Every year emergency rooms start to fill up with people who’ve accidentally injured themselves or been injured because of fireworks. To avoid spending your holiday in the emergency room, here are a few safety tips:

  • Have a “designated Fireworks” person. By this I mean that drinking and fireworks DO NOT MIX. If you are going to drink, don’t touch fireworks.
  • Know where the fireworks are and who has access to them. Make sure that everyone knows who is and who is not allowed to light them.
  • Watch small children. It’s easy to get distracted and busy at the BBQ and forget about the two-year old running around.
  • Closely supervise older kids if they are going to light any fireworks. No one can tell you whether or not your child is old enough to use fireworks. Every child is different but if you believe your child is ready and mature enough, train, teach and supervise them as they light fireworks.
  • ALWAYS keep plenty of water handy to extinguish duds or put out anything (or anyone) who accidentally catches fire.
  • NEVER pick up a firework that didn’t ignite properly. It could be smoldering and go off in your hand. Douse with water and let it sit untouched for up to 10 minutes to soak up the water and extinguish any ember. Dispose of it in a metal can.
  • Understand that even sparkler generate tremendous amounts of heat. Children should not wave them around or run while holding them. It is all too easy for them to trip and seriously burn themselves or someone else.
  • Plan and control where the fireworks are going off. Do not just fire them willy-nilly as the embers can start fires and/or injure people.
  • Remember to lock up your pets and check on them. Animal control reports incredibly high numbers of animals that end up in the pound after the 4rth of July because the pets get frightened and bolt and often either get injured or killed or can’t find their way home.
  • Always wear safety glasses when lighting fireworks.

Have a happy and safe independence day!

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