The Risks of High Speed Dryers

This information is from a pdf that you can view or download from the Kimberly-Clark website entitled “Are high speed dryers really worth the risk?”

Several new studies reveal that

high speed dryers can pose bacterial contamination, tenant dissatisfaction and other business risks.


High speed dryers harbor bacteria on their surfaces and in their airstreams which could lead to dangerous cross contamination.

Bacteria inside dryers are carried in the airstream and deposited on wet hands. Plus many new dryer designs require placing hands inside the machine, increasing the chance of touching surfaces. That means its easier for you to come in contact with other peoples germs than with a clean paper towel.


High speed and warm air dryers can blow bacteria on you and throughout the restroom.

A recent University of Westminster study measured bacteria counts directly below and up to 2 meters away from different dryers and towel dispensers. Paper towels posed the least risk of cross contamination. Warm air and high speed dryers literally blew out bacteria for long distances up to 2 meters in the case of the Dyson Airblade

TM. The study identified 10 different types of harmful bacteria moving through the airstream and onto hands, including Escherichia coli (e-coli) and Staphyloccus Aureus (staph).


Air dryers can dramatically increase bacteria on hands

The University of Westminster study found that high speed dryers increase bacteria count on hands up to 42%, and warm air dryers increase bacteria by up to 254%. On the other hand,

paper towels actually reduce bacteria on hands by up to 77%.