Skipping Breakfast increases danger of diabetes

According to an article in the Seattle Times and dated Monday April 30, 2012, a new study has found a strong link between people who skip breakfast and type II diabetes.

Not eating a healthy breakfast has been linked to mood swings, memory problems, depression and drops in energy levels as well as to problems with gainning weight. The weight gain is thought to be related to the fact that those who skip breakfast are hungrier by the time lunch and dinner come around and therefore eat more later on in the day.

Aside from the issue of gaining weight and how that relates to the onset of type II diabetes, scientist now believe that eating a good breakfast helps to stabilize blood sugar for the rest of the day hence reducing the risk of diabetes.

Of course, eating a healthy breakfast isn’t, on its own, going to keep you from getting type II diabetes. Check out the common sense health website for more information on how to control and reverse type II diabetes.

Taking the time to eat a healthy and balanced breakfast, however is a good place to start… pun intended 🙂