Go Orange for Work Zone Safety Awereness Week

Support the men and women working to improve your highways, roadways and streets by Going Orange for Work Zone Safety Week. These workers could be your family, friends, or the neighbor down the street. Help us encourage everyone to pay attention in work zones and help save lives.

Go Orange for Work Zone Safety kicks off April 23. There isnt one just one way to Go Orange for Work Zone Safety. Wear orange, find your favorite orange symbol. Just be creative and have fun. See how some went orange in 2011.

Don’t Barrel Through Work Zones! Drive Smart to Arrive Alive
2012 National Work Zone Awareness Week, April 23-27

Post or send a photos on the Go Orange for Work Zone Safety photo gallery or tell us why you are Going Orange on the WSDOT Facebook page.


Businesses can participate too. Just post a photo of your employees, or turn your building orange. If you send us a logo, we can list your business in our Whos In page. See how businesses can turn their building orange on the How to Participate page.

Drivers generally dont think they are at risk in work zones but they’re wrong:

  • Washington averages almost 1,000 highway work zone injuries each year.
  • 99 percent the people injured or killed in work zone collisions are drivers and their passengers.
  • Most injuries and deaths in work zones are caused by rear-end collisions.
  • Inattentive drivers are not prepared for sudden slow downs and last minute lane changes in work zones.

Work zone survival tips:

  • Slow down to the posted speed and pay attention.
  • Merge as soon as possible.
  • Expect delays, plan for them and leave early or use an alternate route if one is available.

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