Steering Clear of Distracted Driving

We mentioned last week on this blog that April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and provided you with a link to the NSC website.
The ASSE (The American Society of Safety Engineers) has also put together a webpage with a lot of really great information about how to avoid being one of the estimated 5,474 people killed on the roads each year due to distracted driving.

The average teenager stays “connected” via cell phone and computer 24/7. The idea of disconnecting for however long it takes to drive from point A to point B is absolutely unthinkable to them; so much might happen in that amount of time (Just witness the speed at which a Facebook post disappears down the page and gets lost). Unless we can get them (and us) to understand how life threatening this really is, we are going to see an ever increasing number of people die on our roads.

The ASSE website page entitled “Prevent Distracted Driving” has some great documentation regarding research that has been done and the results of those studies.

Two studies that are available on their website that are especially interesting:
Distracted Driving – Examining the effects of in-vehicle tasks
Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving What you should know and how to get you there safely!
Managing Unsafe Drivers & Their Unsafe Habits

The first of the above links has a number of charts and diagrams illustrating response times based on travelling at 50 mph or 60 mph and the devastating consequences. Do yourself and your teenagers a favor and learn to turn off your cell phone while driving. It is simply too tempting if it is on and you hear a message come through or the phone ring.

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