DIY not always a good idea

Do a Google search under the heading of DIY Lava Lamp and you will find quite a few websites that give you detailed information on how to make your own lava lamp.

Just because you can “do-it-yourself” doesn’t always mean that you should. Especially in dealing with items like a lava lamp which involves eating up oil and wax, DIY is not a good idea as two young people in London recently found out. The “London Fire Brigade” website reported on this couple’s attempt to build their own lava lamp that resulted in a fire in their apartment and burns on the hands of both of them.

The fire and burns were caused when the couple heated up paraffin wax on a burner and forgot about it. It caught fire and caused an explosion.

The safety issues involved here are, first of all the issue of unattended pots or pans on the stove and secondly the issue of trying to build your own lava lamp.

Fire officials strongly advise against making your own lava lamp. The premise and principle behind a lava lamp involves heating up the paraffin or the oil to cause it to produce the movement associated with these lamps. Any lamp that is not built right could have disastrous results. There’s a reason why any manufacturer of lava lamps has to have certain approval ratings.

Mythbusters recently filmed an episode showing what can happen if a lava lamp explodes which you can view online here.

Shame the british couple hadn’t watched it before they attempted to make their own.

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