The 25 Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

You wash your hands every time after you use the bathroom, you use the hand sanitizer with anti-bacteria stuff in it and you cover your mouth when you sneeze so you can’t possibly have too many germs, right? Think again.

From (a fun website that sends you a top 25 of whatever list each day) comes this list of the 25 dirtiest things you touch every day. Yuck!

Here’s a sample of what’s included on the list:

Light Switch

light switch
Like numerous other entries on this list, light switches often suffer from the “never been cleaned” syndrome. And after years of being flipped up and down by thousands of fingers they tend to end up with hundreds of bacteria per square inch. Just make sure that you’re not the last person to leave the conference room!

Self Checkout at Supermarket

self checkoutJust like with ATMs you’ll find some nasty stuff growing on those keypads. While other types of checkouts aren’t any cleaner, the supermarket only made the list because there is food involved, which means an increased chance of ingesting all that bacteria.

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