DBI/SALA “I took a fall and I’m fine” award

Look at the photo above. In his left hand, he has a “Life Member” certificate and in his right hand he has a small statuette, much like an Oscar or something, cast of bronze.

Why did this guy do to receive these awards? Quite simply he wore his harness and wore it right when he took a fall. For it, DBI/SALA not only gave him a new fall protection harness to replace the one that he took a fall in (which should always be replaced after taking a fall) but they also awarded him the certificate and the award.

While, at first it might seem strange to reward someone this way for actually falling while working from heights, upon further reflection DBI/SALA is right. The reward and award isn’t for slipping off a beam, or falling from a girder, the reward is for having taken the time to don the harness correctly and taking the time to work safely and that is definitely something to celebrate and reward.

So don’t go jumping off the I-beam just to get an award but if you do happen to take a fall and you’re wearing a DBI/SALA harness and lanyard, let them know and celebrate safety.