CDC publishes Top Ten list of Sodium intake

Okay, technically this isn’t a “workplace safety” post but it does relate to health and it comes from the CDC website. It’s also surprising so I’m going to post it.

According to the CDC website, Bread is where Americans are getting most of the sodium that they ingest. Considering the fact that 90% of us get more than the recommended levels of sodium intake, that’s pretty significant.

The problem is that processed foods and baked good such as bread, bagels, rolls, buns, etc… include high levels of sodium in order to preserve better. While bread isn’t necessarily really high in sodium, the problem is that the typical American consumes a lot of it. The study says that as much as 7% of our sodium intake comes from bread.

Poultry is another surprise in the top ten list (It comes in fourth) until one realizes that they inject a sodium solution into the meat.

Here’s the complete, top ten list (You can read more about this one the CDC Vital Signs page here):

Top Sources of Sodium
in the Diet
  Breads and rolls
  Cold cuts and cured meats
  Pasta dishes
  Meat dishes

6 thoughts on “CDC publishes Top Ten list of Sodium intake

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