The L & I “Stay at Work” Program

A couple of weeks ago, the Washington Department of Labor and Industries quietly launched it “stay at work” program which pays employers who help injured employees stay on the job by giving them lighter duties or reassigning them temporarily until they are able to return to their regular duties.

The programs official launch was on January 10, but you can make a claim for any worker who falls in this category effective as of June 15th, 2011. Employers can get reimbursed up to half of the base wage paid to the injured worker with a maximum of $10,000 per claim.

According to the WA L & I website… “The purpose of the new incentive is to encourage more employers to return their injured workers to light-duty or transitional jobs with the doctor’s approval. This medical best practice can help the worker recover, and it also can reduce costs for the employer.”

To find out more or to file a claim, go to