Petting Zoos Not What they’re Cracked Up to be

County fairs, local farms, etc… all those animals, it’s hard not to let your kids go over and pet the goats, the sheep, the llamas, the calves, or any of the other animals on display.

Problem is that petting zoos have a history and one that’s not good.

October 2011 in the North Carolina State Fair, at least 27 people became violently ill after visiting the petting zoo there. The cause was later found to be E. Coli on the animals there.

June 2011 in a Snohomish County petting zoo, six people were infected with E. ColiO157:H7 after a visit.

The list goes on and on (To track E. Coli outbreaks from petting zoos check out the Food Poison Journal’s website dedicated to this topic)

It’s bad enough getting violently sick with E. Coli much less having to pay for it because you wanted to do something nice for your kids. The simple fact is that animals poop and they don’t necessarily flush properly . The best bet is still to teach children to admire animals from a distance like at the zoo.