COSH Top Ten Most Notable Workplace Fatalities of 2011

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) released its’ list of the ten most notable workplace fatalities for 2011.

The list includes:

  1. The Deadly grain elevation explosion in Kansas that killed six people
  2. Dust fires. This is not a single workplace fatality but rather a collection of explosions at the Hoeganaes Corp. which lists three separate explosions that killed 5 employees and seriously injured three others.
  3. The Monsanto electrocution of two 14 year-old girls that also injured eight other workers
  4. The death of two employees in Durham North Carolina in a confined space accident that was the result of an oxygen deficient environment.
  5. The deaths of three employees killed on oil rigs in Wyoming.
  6. The deaths of two city workers in Las Vegas who were buried when the trench they were working in collapsed on top of them.
  7. The Kentucky chemical plant explosion that killed 2 employees.
  8. The death of Stephanie Moulton at the hands of Deshawn James Chappell.
  9. The death of Danny Dodge when he was run over by a backhoe while working for Bowdoin Excavation.
  10. The deaths of Darrel Winstead and Samuel Lindsey when a rock wall they were working next too collapse on the truck they were in.

Part of what made these ten incidents “notable” is the fact that all were determined to be preventable.