The Safety Christmas Scrooge

Here’s a new twist…

Most of us are familiar with the OSHA Santa, the OSHA cowboy, etc… (If not, click here to view them). As strange as it may seem, these humorous drawings may be closer to the truth than we might think and some people are sick and tired of all the fun in the holiday season being taking away in the name of safety.

According to an article in the Press Association, a group of ministers (of all people) have had enough of what they are calling “ridiculous” bans that are apparently intended to remove safety hazards that are nothing more than “myths”. This group is calling them “health and Safety Killjoys”.

“The Government published a list of so-called “Christmas elf and safety myths”, which included children being banned from having snowball fights; office workers told they cannot put up Christmas decorations; panto performers ordered not to throw sweets into the audience; being sued for clearing snow from outside your business or home; and preventing people from putting coins in traditional Christmas puddings.

Also mentioned were seats being removed from shops – despite weary Christmas shoppers wanting to rest their feet; traditional town centre Christmas trees being scaled back or replaced by artificial alternatives; Christmas lights needing electrical PAT (portable appliance) tests every year; Santa being ordered to buckle up on his sleigh; and carol singers being classed as a health and safety risk.”

While no one is anti-safety, this group of ministers is saying “enough is enough”. The holidays are supposed to be a time or joy and celebration and government agencies that take all the fun of it in the name of safety myths need to be reined in, according to this group of ministers.

I’m a safety professional and I’d be the last person to advocate unsafe behavior, but I have to admit that I agree. Sometimes you can go overboard and people packed in cotton aren’t going to have much of a life.